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window tinting

High Performance Series


SunTek’s High-Performance Series tints are a hybrid metallized automotive tint, with time-proven construction. This film contains reflective quality that can be seen from a vehicle’s exterior, along with solar benefits. 


The High-Performance Series also offers the most color options of any SunTek automotive tint, with 11 choices in charcoal, bronze and blue. Excellent for vehicle owners who appreciate more durability with a reflective look and are interested in a highly custom tint look that goes beyond shades of black. 


On the road, vehicle owners with High Performance Series tint will notice less road glare and increased comfort. Interior finishes and passengers also benefit from UV protection of 98% or more, depending on color and level of VLT (visible light transmission) selected. 


  • Style - Enhance with a custom look


  • Privacy - Darken glass to help conceal views


  • Comfort - Stay cooler and help reduce A/C usage


  • Health - Helps block the sun’s harmful UV rays


  • Interior - Helps protect against fading

pagina folie.png
coupe rearr.png

coupe  /

 3 doors hatchback


rear windows

90 £

4 door rear.png

4 doors medium sedan

max 3m series, e class/

 5 doors hatchback

rear windows

120 £

coupe front.png


2 door hatchback

front windows

  70 £

front sedan.png

sedan  /saloon

 4 door hatchback/ SUV

front windows

60 £


4 door luxury sedan

s class ,7 series, xj

5 rear  saloon  /SUV

rear windows

140 £

van front.png

vans etc

4 front windows

80 £

7 windows.png


7 rear windows saloon  /


all rear windows

160 £


windscreen sunstrip

any car

25 £

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