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car wrapping 

Since 2004, trained to the highest standards  we provide the best and at the highest quality ,a wide range of vinyl wrapping services at affordable prices in different shades and colors .

         Make a better look to your car, protect your car from chip stones or small scratches, choose from some parts to whole color change, just improve the appearance of your car.

We pride ourselves in an outstanding finish on all work carried out ,as well an excellent customer service satisfaction!


Contact today for a no obligation free quotation and take advantage of our current  discounts/offers!

Full /     Partial vehicle wrapping

 Headlight /    Taillight tinting

 De-chroming elements


gloss black roof

small/ medium car

spoiler not included

120 £

normal roof.png

gloss black roof

saloon /  SUV

spoiler not included

150 £

saloon roof.png

rear lights

dark smoke/

light smoke /

protection tint

59 £

erear lights.png
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