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car wrapping & window 
tinting training courses

real one-2-one training courses that will teach you skills, tricks and tips in car wrapping, window tinting & sign making industry.

  We do not offer  theory only courses, we assist you in real experience ,,a trainee needs theory a good skilled trainee needs experience'' . we offer real sustainable courses and ongoing after course assistance that will help you build and sustain your own business in  car wrapping, van graphics window tinting & sign making industry .


training courses

window tinting

car wrapping

  • Film handling technique

  • Glass removal

  • Glass preparation

  • Application and cleaning solutions

  • Cutting patterns

  • How to deal with issues

  • Squeegee techniques

  • Applying on  pillar-less windows 

  • Micro edging / Filing

  • Moving glass

  • Fixed glass

  • Quarter Glass

  • Cutting templates 

  • Applying with glass on the car

  • Applying film on removed glass 

  • Heat shrinking 

  • Rectify mistakes.

  • When to start again!!!

  • Dry and wet shrinking techniques

  • Tint Removal

  • Aftercare

  • Marketing

  • Tools

  • Work environment

  • Material choice

  • Static control

  • Preparing the vehicle

  • What to remove from the vehicle

  • Cleaning and preparing each panel

  • Vinyl handle

  • Installation

  • Knife skills

  • Squeegees

  • Edge cutting

  • Rubber trims

  • Where to wrap

  • Stretch secrets

  • Inserts

  • Post Heating

  • Cleaning and sealing the finished installation

  • Aftercare

  • Marketing 

after course assistance

  • Work environment

  • Material choice

  • Suppliers choice

  • Tools choice

  • Marketing assistance

  • Phone support

  • At your unit support

  • much more... 

We do not offer just a training course we provide tips and tricks based on our own experience in industry, as window tinters and car wrappers since 2004 .

As not as other trainers do we offer after course packages so you can run your business assured that help and advice is always when needed, and being assured that   every job you take will be finished at highest possible standard

window tinting

a full course that will help you and your business succeed.

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